Bryce Dallas Howard announces that “The Mandalorian” is back
© Instagram / Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard announces that “The Mandalorian” is back

By: Linda Davis
2020-12-29 21:38:48

Bryce Dallas Howard has happily informed her fans on Instagram that «The Mandalorian» is back and will soon be available to watching. Check out the details!

Bryce Dallas Howard is not only a wonderful actress but also an experienced director. She has directed two seasons of series «The Mandalorian». Her upcoming movie is «Jurassic World: Dominion». The actress starred in her first «Jurassic Park» film as her character Claire in 2014. Bryce also appeared in «Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom» in 2018. Bryce Dallas Howard looks very much like another actress, Jessica Chastain. Even Howard's father, Ron Howard, once mistook Chastain for his daughter.

Bryce Dallas Howard has recently informed on her Instagram page that «The Mandalorian» is back with a new special, so that you can see behind the scenes of the second season. What a nice holiday gift! The animated characters have become alive and new technologies and worlds have been introduced too. Bryce Dallas Howard is proud to be a part of the team and is looking forward to seeing how it all came together. You'll see Grogu and Robert Rodriguez on set.

A few days ago, Bryce Dallas Howard's mother, Cheryl Howard, celebrated her birthday. Bryce expresses her gratitude for having taught her a lot of things: «how to take care of myself, *really* clean, and change a tire». By the way, when Cheryl was 16, she was learning how to fly a plane!