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BTS V blasted Twitter trends after GDA Show
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BTS V blasted Twitter trends after GDA Show

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-08 01:44:18

This year, BTS became the first group to leave Golden Disc Awards ceremony with two daesangs at once. And the appearance of the guys at the ceremony 100% fitted their new status as winners.

All members of the band chose simple, dark and plain clothes. Well, except V, who opted for a long floral coat, that immediately set him apart from other members.

Not surprisingly, fans of the band took the images on social networks, and a hashtag with the musician’s name got into the top of the most popular tags on Twitter.

V’s magical performance at the GDA perfectly matched his look. Fans especially liked when the musician picked up sort of a dart and threw it back into the wall without turning around. That was magic indeed!


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