Cameron Boyce and Dove Cameron were more than just co-stars of “Descendants”
© Instagram / Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce and Dove Cameron were more than just co-stars of “Descendants”

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-08 21:05:40

These days, the fans of Cameron Boyce have shared his common video with Dove Cameron. It proves that they were more than just co-stars! Read further to learn more!

Cameron Boyce left this world at the age of 20 due to sudden death in epilepsy. He had a short life but he has left an unforgettable spot in the Hollywood cinematography. In the 2011–2015 comedy television series «Jessie» he acted as Luke Ross.

In the musical fantasy film «Descendants», Cameron performed the role of Carlos. He co-starred Dove Cameron who was a real friend to Boyce. In the video, you can easily see that unusual bond between the guys. They look very happy together; however, they have never dated.

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The caption to the video says that these days it was «10 months without this amazing actor. His fans miss him very much and send all their love to the people who were close to Cameron.

This photo depicts Cameron Boyce making his final screen appearance in the musical drama «Paradise City»