Cardi B got an orange box from Beyonce
© Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi B got an orange box from Beyonce

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-15 00:25:15

It turned out that Beyonce sent Cardi B a huge box full of clothes from her latest collection.

Instagram was stunned in awe as the American rapper got a huge orange box of fashionable outfits from Beyonce.

Cardi B
© Instagram / Cardi B

According to Cardi B’s words, she just came home and found footwear and clothes from Beyonce’s brand, Ivy Park. The surprised star was quick to share the video on Instagram.

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«Where my virgos at?!?! ENJOY ur gift from the queen, wow,» followers commented. «Simply incredible,» others added. «Girl send me a jacket or something,» some fans asked.