Cardi B did not support the right to carry guns
© Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi B did not support the right to carry guns

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-15 19:11:42

Cardi B has revealed her attitude to the right of bearing a gun on her Twitter page and she received applause.

These days, Cardi B confessed that she is not actually against bearing and possessing arms; however, she believes that anyone who wants to do this should get mental check ups and the required training. There should also be an older age limit (over 21).

Cardi B
© Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi’s fans supported the celebrity. They also added that if the police are allowed to bear arms they should not be lethal. For instance, bean bags or rubber bullets could be used just to stop a person in their misbehavior but not to kill anyone.

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Cardi’s supporters are sure that she could be elected to Congress to improve the country.