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Celine Dion came out in an outfit resembling a clown costume
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Celine Dion came out in an outfit resembling a clown costume

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-27 01:25:23

Perhaps the singer of «The Prayer» decided simply to repeat the image of Joker. Otherwise how exactly can you explain the weird dress Celine Dion has chosen?

51-year-old Celine Dion has long been considered a true icon of the style. The performer of the soundtrack to legendary «Titanic» always had an incredible taste, preferring fitted suits and luxurious dresses for her figure. Recently, however, the star has increasingly become the subject of discussion among fashion critics, because Dion's outfits raise more questions than admiring glances.

The anger of the stylists, for example, was caused by the recent look of Celine when she chose the turquoise fur coat and boots. The next fashion failure occurred soon when the artist put on very strange orange-red shoes with feathers and decor in the form of bird heads. The next appearance of a celebrity in public was also not successful, because the outfit of Dion is incredibly similar to... a clown costume.

The color scheme is beyond doubt: Dion was definitely inspired by Joker. Otherwise, how else can one explain the combination: a red long jacket, burgundy velvet trousers, a shirt and a bright yellow sweater over it.

The star completed her ridiculous outfit with a coral bag and a hat. It seems impossible to find a logical explanation for the fashionable failure of Celine, because if a strange outfit can still be forgiven to a crazy clown, then where do world-famous stylists look? Alas, this question is likely to remain unanswered.