Fans are puzzled: Charlie Puth sang about this girl all the time
© Instagram / Charlie Puth

Fans are puzzled: Charlie Puth sang about this girl all the time

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-26 21:33:41

Long time ago before the story with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was rumored to be in love with Charlie Puth. The musicians hid their relationship, but in the end Charlie admitted that they had a short-time romance – and now we'll see how it impacted Puth's life.

Sometime later, Charlie released a new track with the title «I Warned Myself» and fans were sure that the song was about Selena.

Charlie Puth
© Instagram / Charlie Puth

The guy did not comment on these guesses, but mentioned that her love for Justin was the reason for their break with Selena.

Charlie's next track was the song «Mother», which also, most likely, was dedicated to his ex-girlfriend. Then the musician even posted a video on the network where he played a new melody on the piano. Fans were shocked by Charlie's new hairstyle: it seemed that the guy was doing everything possible to become a copy of Bieber and return Selena.

Then Charlie finally decided to put an end to this story and released the final track from this «trilogy» under the loud name «Cheating On You».

Whose cheating is Charlie singing about? About the fact that Sel left him for another? Or did he admit that he himself was attracted to other girls while being in love with the singer?