Charlie Puth weirdly reacted to the restart of “Friends”
© Instagram / Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth weirdly reacted to the restart of “Friends”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-29 20:31:57

More than 15 years after the end of the show, HBO informed us that the series «Friends» is to be continued. Charlie Puth reacted to this extremely emotionally.

All the actors who played the main roles in the original version of «Friends» will star in new episodes of the legendary series. And it turned out that not only mere mortals are waiting for new episodes of our beloved childhood sitcom.

Charlie Puth
© Instagram / Charlie Puth

Matthew Perry, who played the role of Chandler, Jennifer Aniston and other actors shared the news on their Instagram accounts, and a huge amount of celebs were delighted with this.

So, Selena Gomez, who actually admired «Friends» urged her fans not to talk to her as she wasn't feeling well.

The list of the stars who left comments under the posts of actors included Charlie Puth, who admitted that he literally «cries» because of the news.

Just look at the people! All the society held their breath and are waiting for the release of new episodes of the beloved sitcom. The first episodes of the next season of «Friends» will appear in May this year.