Charlie Sheen revealed an effective way to fight HIV and dementia
© Instagram / Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen revealed an effective way to fight HIV and dementia

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-06 16:49:33

As you know, everything is not okay with 54-year-old American actor Charlie Sheen. Not so long ago the star from «Two and a Half Men» became HIV positive although he had paid more than ten million dollars to blackmailers, trying to keep information secret.

For a while there has been practically no news about Charlie, who has been suffering from his diagnosis since 2011. And finally we got some encouraging ones: Sheen seemed to be better soon.

Charlie Sheen
© Instagram / Charlie Sheen

According to the actor, he took various kinds of drugs supposedly helping with the disease but almost reached dementia. Plus, Charlie started thinking of suicide. As a result, Charlie was forced to abandon dangerous therapy and take an experimental drug. And it's just a miracle!

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As Sheen assured, he used the new medicine and now «feels fantastic.»

It is currently in the final stages of clinical trials and is awaiting approval from the FDA.

The drug is injected and is believed to protect the immune system at the cellular level preventing the virus from multiplying.