A daughter in a skirt: Charlize Theron took both kids to shopping
© Instagram / Charlize Theron

A daughter in a skirt: Charlize Theron took both kids to shopping

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-26 18:42:50

This time, Charlize Theron's kids did not differ by their extravagant outfits. Read and see what was special about them!

Charlize Theron could be named as a pattern star mom. Instead of hiring an army of nannies, the star decided to leave all the assistants and combine motherhood and career. Instagram's users often can see Charlize's pics with four-year-old Augusta and seven-year-old Jackson. She takes the kids to classes, eats ice cream, or goes shopping with them.

Charlize Theron
© Instagram / Charlize Theron

In the new photographs, Theron walked through the supermarket with a cart, and her daughter and son accompanied her. At the same time, Theron looked… somewhat strange! What's up with her? She was puzzled and a bit tired. Apparently, motherhood was not an easy thing even for the celeb.

Theron's fans saw that this time the son of Charlize decided not to shock passers-by, dressing up as a girl. In the supermarket he was in black shorts and an ordinary gray shirt.

The son of Theron Jackson became famous for wearing girl's outfits. The boy was regularly seen in skirts, dresses and other clothes of a female cut and traditionally girlish colors.

Would you let a boy wear some dresses? What do you feel about gender neutrality?