Not Captain America: Chris Evans became a hero to fight the coronavirus
© Instagram / Chris Evans

Not Captain America: Chris Evans became a hero to fight the coronavirus

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-22 17:25:04

The quarantine has become a little more fun. And that's become possible because of Chris Evans who is the star of the movies «Knives out» and «Captain America.»

While the movie industry is going through hard times due to the coronavirus outbreak, people left without the long-awaited films and TV shows are having fun. For example, last weekend a series of publications was launched on Twitter and their hero became Chris Evans.

Chris Evans
© Instagram / Chris Evans

One of the users decided that the actor who played Captain America can be compared to a hand sanitizer. Well, that looks logical, because Steve Rogers has always been for safety and rules, and who, if not Evans, should be a symbol of the thing that prevents the spread of the virus.

Of course, during the time that people will have to spend in quarantine, many more funny and strange challenges and jokes will surely be invented, but comparing Chris with the sanitizer seems to be the most popular so far.

In a whole series of tweets, one can see collages showing the actor with a bottle of antiseptic that matches his clothes in color, and the more publications you see, the funnier it becomes. Well, positive mood in difficult times is very important, so the creators of the challenge definitely deserve thanks.

By the way, Chris was the last of the Marvel actors to share an appeal with the fans, stating that his plans had changed due to the coronavirus, and promised to share reliable information on the resumption of filming with subscribers as soon as possible.