Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” character, is starring in a new movie
© Instagram / Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” character, is starring in a new movie

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-19 18:39:15

Chris Hemsworth has shared a number of his photos on the set of his new movie. How brave and bold he looks! Learn the details!

Chris Hemsworth is known for two great brothers-actors. Luke Hemsworth has starred in the sci-fi series «Westworld» and «Neighbours». Liam Hemsworth is known for his roles in the series «The Elephant Princess» and soap opera «Neighbours». Chris himself received his prominence through the superhero film «Thor» that was released in 2011.

Chris Hemsworth
© Instagram / Chris Hemsworth

The fans of Chris Hemsworth have a chance to see his photos made on the set of the Netflix film «Extraction». By the way, they were taken by the actor's favorite photographer Jasin Boland. The photos are brilliant and Hemsworth looks like a real champion in them! He will play Tyler Rake in the movie as well as produce the movie.

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Chris Hemsworth accepted the Allin Challenge. He invites everyone to the premiere of his «Thor» movie. Donations will go to «Meals on Wheels», «No Kid Hungry», and America's Food Fund which benefits WCKitchen and Feeding America.