Christian Bale explained how to lose 274 kg of weight
© Instagram / Christian Bale

Christian Bale explained how to lose 274 kg of weight

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-22 11:44:45

The actor who has become known for starring in the movies like «Batman,» «The Dark Knight» and «The Machinist» has repeatedly changed his own weight for the sake of the roles. Not so long ago, fans found out how many kilos Christian Bale has lost and gained during his career.

Fans decided to start from the 1994 movie «Little Women», where Christian starred at the age of 20. The authors of the study decided that by this age, the weight of a person, as a rule, is stabilizing, and therefore all earlier roles were thrown back.

Christian Bale
© Instagram / Christian Bale

The main changes in the weight occurred in two stages of the actor's movie career. In 2004, he starred in Brad Anderson's thriller «The Machinist,» for which he lost 56 kilograms, and then started shooting in «Batman Begins», gaining 43 kilograms for the role. A similar story was repeated almost 15 years later. After Christian Bale starred in the movie «Vice» directed by Adam McKay as the US Vice President Dick Cheney and gained more than 30 kilograms for this role, he had to lose weight rapidly to play the role of race car driver Ken Miles in the movie «Ford vs. Ferrari» by James Mangold.

As a result, the actor gained and lost 274 kilos over the last 25 years.

The actor himself says that in order to lose weight, loneliness is required. It's easier to control yourself and resist temptations. And in order to gain weight, you need to meet friends as often as possible. There always is food at friendly gatherings, so you can relax and eat everything.

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