Christie Brinkley extends her sympathy to the family of Ann Reinking
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Christie Brinkley extends her sympathy to the family of Ann Reinking

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-12-18 01:09:20

Christie Brinkley has expressed her gratitude to Ann Reinking for making her life dream come true. However, she's also in grief because of the great actress' passing away.

Christie Brinkley is well-known for her role of in the 1983 comedy adventure film «National Lampoon's Vacation». By the age of 66, Christie Brinkley has been married four times. She is still in a friendly relationship with her most famous second husband, musician Billy Joel, with whom Christie Brinkley has a daughter. Alexa Ray Joel is now 34 and she has built a successful career of a singer, songwriter and pianist.

These days, Christie Brinkley has shared a nice post on her Instagram page. It is dedicated to Ann Reinking, the icon from the musical «Revival of Chicago on Broadway». Her performance is still remembered by the audience who highly appreciate her talent, spontaneity and sexuality. The actress played Roxie Hart, as it can be seen from the photos. Reinking died on December, 12, but before her death she managed to pass her role to Christie Brinkley. It has been her life-long dream! Christie has also added Annie's letter she wrote to her. The letter reveals the beauty of her kind heart even more.

Christie Brinkley gave an interesting interview when she turned 60. The celebrity revealed some secrets of her beauty and shared how she managed to get married four times.