Ciara showed her favorite hair do. Well, tastes differ...
© Instagram / Ciara

Ciara showed her favorite hair do. Well, tastes differ...

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-04 22:59:13

Ciara has recently impressed her followers on Instagram with her confession in terms of her favorite hair do. Check it out! The singer has been married to Russell Wilson since 2016. The couple has a three-year old daughter together. At present, the star is pregnant with their second child. Her previous relationship with rapper Future gave her a son who will turn six on May 19.

Many people have noticed that Ciara is copying singer Beyonce, since she constantly tries to look like her. The singer is still feuding with Rihanna. In fact, Ciara would gladly make peace with her but Rihanna is too proud. Ciara has collaborated with a number of singers. Together with Bow Wow they released song «Like You». It entered Bow Wow's album «Wanted» (2005). The collaboration with Ludacris gave birth to the trek «Oh». It was released in 2004 with Ciara's album «Goodies».

© Instagram / Ciara

In her fresh post on Instagram, Ciara has shared a photo with the caption «The look I rocked for opening up The Met Gala with Vogue and Big Freedia last year. Forever one of my favs.» The celebrity's hair do is very unusual in the photo but the singer loves it a lot.

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The majority of Ciara's followers love her look and hair do very much. What about you?