American singer Ciara Wilson has another talent
© Instagram / Ciara

American singer Ciara Wilson has another talent

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-23 23:28:28

Every year, more and more famous people can be seen in the governing bodies of companies. They help not only improve the company's image, but also increase sales.

American singer Ciara Wilson has a lot of hits, 23 million sold records and Grammys. As further proof of her stellar status, she can present a membership on the board of the marketing company Amperity Inc. from Seattle.

© Instagram / Ciara

Ciara Wilson is another celebrity who was introduced to the board or board of directors of the company to increase its rating. By the way, she is no stranger to this particular stellar business, which is becoming more and more popular both among celebrities and among entrepreneurs looking for new marketing moves.

Ciara is on the board of Bright Lights Acquisition Corp., which specializes in show business, sports and consumer brands, and in January, by the way, held an IPO.

Bringing in famous athletes, show business stars, politicians and other celebrities enhances the image of companies, provides them with valuable information on trends in culture and consumer behavior, and also attracts young people. Stars do not always become wedding generals and generals, and their contribution is not always limited only to a promoted name and an army of fans.

More and more newly appointed directors and board members are trying to work. They not only bring new experience and knowledge, but also have a positive effect on ethnic diversity, which is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for activity. California, for example, recently passed legislation requiring as many people as possible with different skin colors on the governing bodies of companies.

When Amperity CEO Kabir Shahani came up with the idea of ​​including a longtime acquaintance Ciara Wilson on the board, he asked an entrepreneur he knew: «Do you think this is crazy?»

The question, by the way, is quite logical, because such respected and well-known businessmen as the CEO of Starbucks Corp. work on the board of the company. Kevin Johnson.

Answering a friend's question why he needed a singer, Shahani explained that the company needs a person who is well versed in the latest trends in culture and consumer psychology.

Amperity's board members were mixed in the director's decision. However, the number of skeptics dropped sharply after the first meeting with the newcomer.

Ciara was impressed by talking on Zoom about how she promotes projects and advertises music products. «She is the product,» Shahani summed up the results of the meeting. «Her head works better than that of the most experienced marketers.»