Cole Sprouse revealed all Jughead's transformation in future “Riverdale”
© Instagram / Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse revealed all Jughead's transformation in future “Riverdale”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-31 19:01:41

Lili Reinhart's lover and Dylan Sprouse's twin Cole Sprouse revealed he was lucky to learn at school, as this would be very important for the new season of the series. Let's know about Jughead's drastic transformation together!

According to Sprouse, he started working as a child but since his friends attended secondary school, the boy knew a lot about school and events around it. Moreover, he even was involved in some of them!

Cole Sprouse
© Instagram / Cole Sprouse

The actor expressed the hope that the new season of «Riverdale» is to be great. Unfortunately, the fans won't be able to watch the story of Riverdale's residents as the shooting was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Cole Sprouse made some special remarks about Jughead. It turned out the hero will become a member of «Dead Poet Society.» Later, one of the teachers will like him very much and will take the fellow to a preparatory school for a scholarship.

We are pretty sure it would be amazing to see Jughead among the tall and pretentious students of the school!

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