Will Courteney Cox fight demons in a new series?
© Instagram / Courteney Cox

Will Courteney Cox fight demons in a new series?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-03 18:14:21

She will become Patricia «Pat» Phelps - a lady who likes writing but has an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Are there any more details?

Courteney Cox, who became popular due to «Friends» agreed to return to television and bring something special to the comedy horror series «Shining Valley.» Well, there are many horrors connected with valleys, so why not to make another one, right?

Courteney Cox
© Instagram / Courteney Cox

She will become Patricia «Pat» Phelps - a writer who is crazy about alcohol and drugs, which became her major weakness. You'll know that she wrote a novel about her youth, which made her famous turning the writer into a banner of the struggle for women's independence.

It has been many years since she was cured, the second novel was never written, sex life with her husband became nothing, her children do not consider her authority. In a desire to change their lives, Pat and her family move to the suburbs, to the house where mysterious and terrible things once happened.

According to rumors, demons live here, and soon the heroine starts to get some symptoms of obsession.

The script of the series will be written by Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof.

Do you like Courteney Cox? Would you like to watch her anywhere except «Friends»?