Courteney Cox made a shocking claim about “Friends”
© Instagram / Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox made a shocking claim about “Friends”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-31 17:45:57

The co-star of Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry admitted she remembered no episodes of «Friends.» Courteney Cox, however, revealed what she had done to solve the problem.

The American actress and the star of the famous sitcom «Friends» Courtney Cox admitted that she didn't remember the details and episodes of the series. She told about this to TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel, who went on releasing his show during quarantine from his own house.

Courteney Cox
© Instagram / Courteney Cox

Cox appeared during a video call, and explained that she really didn't remember much about her character, Monica.

According to her, she didn't even remember how exactly the show had been going as her memory was poor. The only things Couteney could say was that she loved everyone there and had fun remembering certain periods of her life.

The actress even participated in a quiz, the questions of which were about the sitcom. And she completely lost to Jimmy Kimmel's cousin. So, for example, Courteney did not know with whom the first kiss of Monica was and could not recall some other facts.

Well, now Cox began to restore her knowledge about the series. She recently got all seasons of «Friends» on Amazon Prime and began to watch them.