Dakota Johnson became a champion during quarantine
© Instagram / Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson became a champion during quarantine

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-18 17:32:16

30-year-old actress Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Chris Martin made their followers laugh. The fact was that the star of «Fifty Shades of Grey» and Jamie Dornan's colleague became a champion in… handwashing!

Dakota and Chris joined the challenge #SafeHands and showed how to wash hands correctly.

Dakota Johnson
© Instagram / Dakota Johnson

They did the task as creatively as possible, making fun with splashing water and flying soap. The video was shared by the friend of celebrities Olivia Wilde.

It was the girl who awarded Dakota Johnson with the title of a «champion in handwashing.»

But we would say they were rather champions on how to make fans laugh. After all, Chris accidentally dropped a bottle of detergent, got his hands on Dakota's face and clinged to her hair.

The actress from «Fifty Shades of Grey» thanked Olivia for asking her to show the way of washing hands. According to the star, she has been waiting all her life for someone to ask her about this.

By the way, Dakota and Chris haven't shown their relationship too much. This was their first collaborative video demonstrating incredible chemistry between them. The couple volunteered to self-isolate from people in Los Angeles. And are you staying home?