Demi Moore made a new hat of a real dog
© Instagram / Demi Moore

Demi Moore made a new hat of a real dog

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-01 19:43:37

57-year-old ex-wife of Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher made fans stunned when she presented a weird accessory made of a real dog! Demi Moore surely is the star of «A few good men» but this seems to be too much!

Actually famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore loves sharing photos with her pets. This time, the star published a funny photo where she posed with a dog on her head.

Demi Moore
© Instagram / Demi Moore

It's difficult times for the whole world, so you need to find positive vibes in everyday things. That is what American celebrity Demi Moore has been doing. She posted a funny photo on her Instagram page that cheered fans up.

The 57-year-old star often shares pictures with pets. But Demi has a special feeling for puppies. In the snap, she posed with a small funny dog sitting on her head. The beige dog with brown spots amazes with its cuteness.

The actress was dressed in white shirt and denim overalls. She had no makeup on her face, and her hair is braided in two pigtails.

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