Denzel Washington, The “Training Day” star, offended Katie Couric
© Instagram / Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, The “Training Day” star, offended Katie Couric

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-08 18:52:01

These days, a well-known host, Katie Couric declared that she was assaulted during the interview with Denzel Washington. Let's learn the details.

Denzel Washington is known for having starred in over forty movies, but probably the most well-known one is the movie «Training Day» in which the actor played Alonzo Harris. Denzel Washington co-starred Ethan Hawke.

In fact, Katie Couric confessed that she was felt «shaken» after a recent interview with famous actor Denzel Washington. Couric was almost hinting on his sexual misconduct. Did it really happen? It's unlikely but what really happened will probably remain a secret.

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Will Smith and Denzel Washington have always competed in who a better actor is but the truth remains the same – both actors are unique, even though Will Smill is taller and is a musician in addition to being a good actor. According to the comments online, Denzel Washington is loved by his fans!