The author of “Heartless” Diplo showed his new pet – but there's something weird
© Instagram / Diplo

The author of “Heartless” Diplo showed his new pet – but there's something weird

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-24 17:15:55

The DJ and producer who became known for his streaming media and collaboration with Carnage wasn't alien to fluffy pets – and showed his own dog on social media!

41-year-old Diplo took to Instagram to show his new pet. Not so long ago it became known that the celeb had taken a Pomeranian Spitz and shared a photo with him from Los Angeles with his followers.

No doubt the doggy was extremely cute and lovely. But why did it look like it was scared of something? Did Diplo do anything wrong to him? Just look at this!

And his fans were very quick to react to the freshest post. Most of them were fast to admit that the dog was adorable. Others asked Diplo if they could become his dogs too. And some of them urged the DJ to put a shirt on. Perhaps they were embarrassed by his naked torso.

By the way, not so long ago, Sia decided to put an end to her marriage, but she did not give up some non-binding affairs. According to the artist, she was crazy about her colleague in the LSD group - singer Diplo.

She also mentioned that most of their communication was about trying to avoid having sex, in order not to ruin business relationships, but this was super difficult because he's super hot. Do you like Diplo?