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Dolly Parton has weird wish for 2020
© Instagram / Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has weird wish for 2020

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-02 18:31:10

The 73-year-old American singer Dolly Parton is no stranger to such simple human joys as New Year and festive mood. And her latest post on Instagram is just another proof for that.

Dolly is a very talented and bright person who is never tired of sharing her brightness to other people. Her 2,3 million followers know this for sure as the celeb shared a new photo of herself on Instagram.

Here, the country-singer is posing for the camera dressed in a multicolored dress that makes her look like a fairy from some ancient legend. «2020 is here! May your year be filled with love, light and rhinestones,» Dolly captioned.

And her fans were just happy to comment on the post with their own wishes, while some of them mentioned Parton to be «a real inspiration» for them.


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