Dove Cameron made a great joke for her followers
© Instagram / Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron made a great joke for her followers

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-14 23:25:11

The 23-year-actress decided to add some joy to the daily routine and made her followers laugh because of a funny photo.

Dove Cameron shared a funny photo of herself. At first sight, it seemed to be quite sultry as Dove was lying on her back on a bed. Her look was quite predatory as she lay with her legs opened dressed in nothing but a light striped pajamas.

Dove Cameron
© Instagram / Dove Cameron

And just on the third photo it became clear that it was just a mannequin in a shop. Here, Dove hugged the headless doll and laughed happily – the joke was great!

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«So cute,» «I’m in love,» «I thought it’s real,» Dove’s fans surely appreciated her joke too.