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Drake announced a horrible news
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Drake announced a horrible news

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-27 10:54:24

Drake announced a terrible news on his official Instagram page. Mamba was killed in a helicopter crash.

The accident happened on Sunday in Calabasas, California. There were nine people on-board – the pilot and eight individuals including Mamba's 13-year old daughter, Gianna Maria Onore. No one stayed alive after the tragedy.

Drake still can't believe what has happened, just like many of his followers on Instagram. This news hurt all of them! People feel devastated and speechless because of such a loss. Kobe Bryant (real Mamba's name) was and will stay a legend of basketball. He has contributed to sports so much! Kobe's wife, Vanessa Laine and three more his daughters are in grief now.


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