Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson - DCEU's darkest film
© Instagram / Dwayne Johnson

Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson - DCEU's darkest film

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-10 02:46:38

Dwayne Johnson has been attached by Black Adam for many years now and he will soon embody the character.

While filming was originally slated to begin last year, the pandemic thwarted those plans and production is now set to begin in the spring. Before starting work, there was new information about what the tone of «Black Adam» will be. And it looks like it might surprise fans.

Dwayne Johnson
© Instagram / Dwayne Johnson

We Got This Covered, citing our own sources, said that «Black Adam» will be the darkest film in the DCU. The publication did not say how this is expressed, but noted that the project will be much darker than fans expect.

This is surprising for several reasons. First of all, the DCEU has been getting brighter lately, distancing itself from the Zack Snyder films. However, the director's cut of Justice League will air on HBO Max next month, and it looks very dark in the trailers.

What's more, Johnson is known for his charm and penchant for adding humor to his roles. But in this case, judging by what insiders are pointing out, Black Adam will be a more mature and dramatic story.

It really makes sense if you remember the reason Johnson was attracted to the character. The actor talked about how Adam's origin story touched him - he went from a slave to the ruler of Kandak, becoming a ruthless and cruel person, but with strict moral principles, code and a sense of honor. Earlier it was also said that Johnson allegedly insisted that the film be darker.

The date of the premiere of the film comic strip has not yet been announced, but the release is expected in 2022.