Ed Sheeran spends his quarantine time in a pretty unusual way!
© Instagram / Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran spends his quarantine time in a pretty unusual way!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-12 20:08:02

Ed Sheeran hasn't been online for many months already; however, his fans sometimes share news from his life. Recently, they have showed how Ed spends his time in quarantine.

Ed Sheeran has been loved by millions of people all over the world. He has become the author of many unforgettable songs. The lyrics of his song «Perfect» is truly amazing! Unfortunately, the singer decided to take a break in his career but he promised to come back with new music.

In the recent photo on one of Instagram fan pages, Ed Sheeran is caressing a cat that is red in color just like Sheeran is! They look like twins! Lol! It seems the cat is really enjoying itself! The celebrity himself is in a good shape and looks very happy. That's the best way of spending time in quarantine - with the closest people and beloved pets!

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Ed Sheeran has been inspiration for other young musicians. In far 2012, Shawn Mendes wrote on his Twitter page: «Ed Sheeran is my artist right now». He also confessed that the singer was the one whom he wanted to meet in person one day. Shawn's dream has come true! Mendes and Sheeran did not only meet each other but also sang on the same stage!