Elon Musk admits quality problems in Tesla cars
© Instagram / Elon Musk

Elon Musk admits quality problems in Tesla cars

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-05 20:54:53

Tesla has been criticized for years over quality issues with the Model 3 electric car. And as it has now emerged, CEO Elon Musk agrees and admits that even his harshest critic was right.

Back in early 2018, expert consultant Sandy Munro, whose team completely disassembles cars for quality assessment, gave the Model 3 a tough assessment of the flaws that were inherent in Kia cars in the 90s. In particular, he noted gross imperfections such as uneven gaps between the outer panels and paint problems. «I can't imagine how they released this,» Munroe told Autoline.

Surprisingly, Musk, who usually reacts sharply to criticism, agreed with the expert's words. «I think your criticism is correct,» he told Munro in an interview that aired Tuesday on YouTube and on the Munro Live podcast. Musk also admitted that it is best not to buy new Tesla models during the time to market.

Elon Musk
© Instagram / Elon Musk

«Friends ask when is the best time to buy (a car) Tesla? Musk says. «Well, either buy it at the beginning, or when production reaches a stable level. During this growth in production, it is very difficult to be in vertical lift and do everything right in detail. «

Munroe also compared a 2021 Model 3 he bought late last year with a Model 3 that someone he knew bought a month later and noted a significant improvement in quality. «In the end, that guy's car was great ... as good as it gets,» the expert said. - I just do not understand. My car was released this month, his in a month. Mine had problems. His is just perfect. « In response, Musk said that this was a problem of production growth, but the company began to respond faster to the discovered flaws. «When you move faster, you just discover these things,» he said. «If we had known about them in advance, we would have fixed them right away.»

The head of Tesla also talked about some of the other issues the company has faced in the past. After Munroe described the seats in the Model 3 as the most comfortable he has ever experienced in a car, Musk said he called the seat in an early Model S, one of the company's first cars, a «stone toadstool.» «The early Model Ss probably had the worst seat I've ever sat in,» said the billionaire.

We add that the Consumer Report magazine has repeatedly pointed out the problems with the quality of Tesla cars. Of the four Tesla models currently in production, only the Model 3 has a buy recommendation from Consumer Reports. Yes, and she lost this status for a while at the beginning of 2019.