Elvis Presley's GMC pickup will go up for auction
© Instagram / Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley's GMC pickup will go up for auction

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-20 21:59:11

The truck that belonged to the king of rock and roll is still on the move

At the GAA Classic Cars auction, an interesting lot is going to be auctioned: a 1967 GMC pickup that belonged to Elvis Presley himself. The truck is in perfect condition and, according to the seller, «drives very well». The initial bid has not yet been disclosed, the auction is scheduled for Saturday.

Elvis Presley purchased a brand new pickup in February 1967, along with two more similar models in red and blue. However, he did not own it for long: a year later, in March 1968, the singer's father sold the car to a dealer in Maryland.

Elvis Presley
© Instagram / Elvis Presley

Further, the fate of GMC is difficult to trace. He changed several owners, after which he ended up at the Elvis Presley Museum and traveled with an exhibition in many US states and even visited Canada. The front panel features autographs of actor Jay Leno and country singer Blake Shelton.

About four years ago, the 54-year-old pickup truck went through a thorough restoration. For this, the cargo platform had to be removed, and the two-seater cabin was refreshed on the spot. The engine was dismantled and disassembled, but no new parts were added - it remained in a completely original condition.

When painting, it turned out that the pickup was painted earlier: from green it turned red, then it was again covered with green paint, and of very low quality. During the last restoration, the craftsmen selected a high-quality coating, which exactly repeats the shade of the factory one. It is noted that the truck has acquired many new parts, which are «too long to list», but most of the components have survived since 1967.