Emilia Clarke Shows New Hoodie
© Instagram / Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Shows New Hoodie

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-14 20:16:37

In Game of Thrones Emilia Clarke definitely looks like a proud, brave and majestic ruler. But real-life Emilia is a reckless and funny girl, as it can be seen in her Instagram.

Emilia Clarke
© Instagram / Emilia Clarke

Just yesterday the celebrity posted a pic, where she poses in a lovely gray hoodie. The outfit was produced for sale for Clarke’s own charity organization.

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«Well, what a day to wake up with nothing and still feel love...» the actress notes under the photo. The same words are written on the hoodie’s multicolored print. According to Clarke, she is very proud of what she does and who she helps. By the way, her SameYou charity organization was established for rehab after strokes.

The followers are excited and say that the pic is «awesome», «cute» and «lovely».