Emilia Clarke Reveals Movie That Deeply Impress
© Instagram / Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke Reveals Movie That Deeply Impress

By: Linda Davis
2019-12-18 18:42:21

The 33-year-old British actress Emilia Clarke shares her impressions about the movie For Sama on Instagram. There, she shows a photo with a poster from the movie posing for a selfie in a black T-shirt.

«This film is about life, death, and the fragile space between where humanity lives, breathes and survives. These two are real life miracles,» she says, meaning Waad and Hamza Al-Khateab who’re among the movie’s creators.

Emilia Clarke
© Instagram / Emilia Clarke

For Sama is a documentary that tells about a very personal experience of a woman in war. This is sort of a letter directed by a mother for her daughter about years spent in Aleppo. Emilia’s post got 1,2 mln likes and her followers agree it «sounds interesting and worth checking out!»

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