Eminem revealed his only reason to be proud of
© Instagram / Eminem

Eminem revealed his only reason to be proud of

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-20 15:42:33

47-year-old Eminem who became famous for his sharp lyrics rarely told anything about his family and children. At the same time, the musician can be surprisingly open to talking about his personal life.

So, not so long ago, Eminem talked about his daughter Haley Jade, calling her a reason for his pride. First, she graduated from a university in Michigan with good grades.

© Instagram / Eminem

Secondly, Haley still has no family, hasn't given birth to children and Eminem still hasn't got grandchildren. As the rapper noted, now his daughter has a boyfriend and that's enough for him.

Eminem admitted he had a niece who was 26 years old and an adopted 17-year-old daughter. Therefore, when the rapper thinks about his achievements, which he is most proud of he thinks of the way he raised his children.

Hayley Jade Scott is the only biological daughter of rapper and Kimberly Ann Scott. The girl was born in 1995.

We could never think Eminem could be so tender father. How about you? Does life have anything you can be proud of?