Emma Roberts celebrates 30th birthday and gets used to being a mom
© Instagram / Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts celebrates 30th birthday and gets used to being a mom

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-17 05:28:36

At the end of 2020, the actress and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund welcomed the birth of their first child.

Famous actress Emma Roberts celebrated her 30th birthday by sharing some details of her new life as a mother. The American Horror Story star posted a comic black and white selfie with a pacifier in her mouth.

Emma Roberts
© Instagram / Emma Roberts

«The baby is 30 years old,» she signed the picture.

We remind you that in December 2020, the actress first became a mother. The father of her first-born Rhodes, Robert Hedlund, was industry colleague Roberts Garrett Hedlund. Already in January 2021, the actress not only shared the first picture of a newborn baby, but also told how she named the boy.

«Thank you 2020 for at least one good thing in my life,» Emma signed the black and white photograph of the actress with the baby.

Officially, Roberts announced that she was expecting a child in August, although her own mother had let slip about her daughter's interesting situation, which caused her righteous anger and even the blocking of her own account.

When Emma decided to talk about her happy situation herself, she did it effectively, exposing pictures of herself and her two beloved boyfriends, one of whom was still in the womb at that time. By the way, it was Roberts who became the first pregnant woman on the cover of Cosmopolitan (the issue appeared in December 2020).

«When I was 16, I thought that at 24 I would be married and have two children. Then I turned 24, and I reminded myself of how I planned to achieve everything by this age. It sounds too sugary, but it was at the moment when I stopped thinking that I managed to get pregnant. «

The actress herself has repeatedly said that she could not get pregnant due to the fact that she suffered for years due to undefined endometriosis, which severely crippled her health and fertility.

«I was told that most likely I should freeze my eggs and look for other options,» Emma recalled unpleasant moments and the words that her attending physician pronounced.

Recently, an anonymous source told PEOPLE that Hedlund has completely mastered his new role, and is actively helping the newly-made mother with the child.

«Taking care of a baby during a pandemic is much more difficult than it sounds, but they both try very, very hard to figure out how best to deal with everything. Garrett actively helped Emma when she was too worn out by childbirth. He did his best to keep their house filled with the things Emma might need - he did everything to make her feel comfortable. She is just now starting to gradually return to her «normal» routine. «