Emma Watson revealed the relationship of her dream
© Instagram / Emma Watson

Emma Watson revealed the relationship of her dream

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-06 18:36:46

Hollywood actress Emma Watson, who played Hermione in the movies about Harry Potter, spoke openly about the relationship. Now we can see what ideal dating for the rumored girlfriend of Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe means!

The star admitted she considered LGBT couples a pattern of ideal love.

Emma Watson
© Instagram / Emma Watson

The actress gave a great interview and during the conversation with journalists, 29-year-old Emma Watson raised the topic of marriage. However, it was not the star's dates that became the topic for discussion, but the whole view on married life.

Emma Watson said that talking that family relationships should be easy and relaxed and spouses should feel each other is completely absurd as this is completely impossible.

The star of «Harry Potter» said that in fact traditional couples cannot build strong and harmonious relationships, because they have no idea of how to listen to their partners. At the same time, according to Emma Watson, LGBT couples in this case are an ideal pattern.

As you know, Emma Watson has had no stable relationship. The actress was rumored to have several romances which didn't last long.

How about you? Who is the partner of your dream?