Eva Mendes doesn't post any photos of kids because of laws
© Instagram / Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes doesn't post any photos of kids because of laws

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-25 19:46:40

The star of «Ghost Rider,» Eva Mendes, 46, and her husband actor Ryan Gosling, 39, are happy together, and as you know, happiness loves silence. The couple builds their family life according to this rule.

Eva Longoria's colleague, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling rarely stunned fans with joint outings, as well as details of their personal lives. Until now, many have been wondering if the couple has been married. In addition, the celebs didn't post family photos on social networks.

Eva Mendes
© Instagram / Eva Mendes

Not so long ago, Eva Mendes explained why they didn't expose their private life.

The star admitted that she had always had a clear point regarding her husband and her daughters. This means that she surely will talk about them, but in a limited way and never will post any photos from their daily routine.

Eva explained that her children Amada and Esmeralda still were very small and didn't understand what these photos really meant. Moreover, she has got no permission for this, so she won't show their photographs until they are conscious enough to agree and give her their consent.

How about you? Do you post your kids' photos?