Eva Mendes revealed three favorite roles of Ryan Gosling
© Instagram / Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes revealed three favorite roles of Ryan Gosling

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-06 22:01:39

Last week, a fan account of Eva Longoria's colleague Eva Mendes and her husband Ryan Gosling created a post about favorite movies with Gosling and asked its followers to write their opinions in the comments, but none expected the star from «2 Fast 2 Furious» to join the discussion!

According to Eva, that was a very difficult question, but she admitted that Ryan was incredibly charming in «Blade Runner». And the way he showed Neil Armstrong in «Man on the Moon» was very subtle, strong and emotional.

Eva Mendes
© Instagram / Eva Mendes

And the third role Eva mentioned was March in the classic comedy «The Nice Guys,» but in general, Mendes said she would like to continue this list of the roles, but there will not be enough space in the comments. Moreover, she talked to fans and thanked them for their support and warm wishes.

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Gosling and Mendes became known as a couple who didn't like sharing any details of their relationship. But Ryan does not hide one thing: his success would be impossible without his wife and even when receiving the «Golden Globe» in 2017 for the movie «La La Land», he touchingly thanked Eva.

What is your favorite movie with Ryan Gosling?