Evangeline Lilly cut off her curls dyed blond changing drastically
© Instagram / Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly cut off her curls dyed blond changing drastically

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-20 21:09:03

Do you remember the actress Evangeline Lilly from the TV series «Lost» and her gorgeous long curly hair? After so many years, she decided to radically change her look and the decision exceeded all her expectations!

Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly transformed from a smoky hot long-haired brunette into a short-haired blonde. An incredible change of look turned out to be amazing for the actress. It seemed she became 10 years younger.

Evangeline Lilly
© Instagram / Evangeline Lilly

The actress decided to do the cardinal change of the look herself. She wanted to look different and tp leave the famous look of Kate Austin, which she played in the TV series «Lost.»

This series brought her incredible success and fame. Now the actress is 40 years old, but after changing her look, Lilly started to look much younger than her years.

The look has become bold and youthful. You can hardly recognize her!

The fans of the star were at a loss and didn't appreciate the new look. But not everyone thought so. Many fans appreciated the hairstyle and bombarded the celeb with compliments. But most importantly, the actress was very pleased with her appearance. Yes, and her husband also appreciated it! How about you?