Frank Sinatra's estate is sold in California
© Instagram / Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra's estate is sold in California

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-17 04:22:54

It was in this secluded estate that the famous singer held his famous parties and hid from prying eyes.

In California, USA, the estate of the legendary performer Frank Sinatra, named after his hero from the 1953 Oscar-winning film «From Here to Eternity», is for sale. The Maggio estate has remained virtually untouched since the 1960s. Writes about this Daily Mail.

Frank Sinatra
© Instagram / Frank Sinatra

The house was built by architect Ross Patton, who took into account all the wishes of the famous artist, in 1967. In particular, Sinatra, who was fond of cooking, designed the kitchen himself. The estate covers an area of ​​ten acres and is located just a few hours from Las Vegas.

Sinatra's guests to his famous parties were brought here by helicopter, because finding a secluded estate on their own was not easy.

Sinatra lived here for 12 years. He also owned real estate in Manhattan and Palm Springs, but Villa Maggio remained his favorite hideaway.

He then donated it to Loyola Marymount University, who then sold it in 1989 for $ 1.4 million. The reasons for this generosity are unknown to anyone, but in the end, Sinatra received his doctorate from the university.

The estate changed owners several times, but they all treated it with care, making only minor changes, so we can say that Maggio has remained in almost original form.

Now fans of Sinatra's creativity can purchase his estate for a modest $ 4.25 million.