Garth Brooks had so much fun in StudioG live. It's just wow!
© Instagram / Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks had so much fun in StudioG live. It's just wow!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-22 19:49:11

These days, Garth Brooks had a live meeting with his fans live on his Facebook. That was truly interesting!

Garth Brooks is known for having numerous beautiful country songs and having given six concert tours. Probably, «The Dance» is one of his first songs; however, it became very popular at that period of time. It entered the album «Garth Brooks» that was released in 1989. For the first time in 22 years, Garth Brooks had to postpone his concert in Charlotte City due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Garth Brooks has shared wonderful news on his Instagram page. He had a live conversation on his Facebook. You can watch the full «StudioG» video on or by following the link in the singer's bio. In the photo, Garth Brooks is depicted with his guitar with the portrait of George Harvey Strait in the background. George Strait is considered to be the «King of Country».

Garth Brooks has released some new music. You can listen to it by clicking The song is called «That's What Cowboys Do». The singer is thankful to Amazon Music for working fast!