Toilet's battle: George Clooney lost in the court!
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Toilet's battle: George Clooney lost in the court!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-17 15:54:44

The authorities of Great Britain did not allow the Hollywood star to damage the valuable roots of trees even on his own soil. Amal Clooney's husband and the happy father of twins has to make drastic changes in his life now!

Actor George Clooney has long been battling with the authorities of the county of Berkshire for the right to build a toilet in the courtyard of his estate. According to the latest news, the battle is finally coming to its logical end.

The fact is that the Hollywood star stubbornly wants to build a toilet directly in the garden of his 17th-century estate. But even considering that the actor paid a lot of money for the house, he cannot arrange any construction work on its territory without special permission from the authorities.

Berkshire authorities were worried as builders could be careless, so they would damage the roots of the trees, which are protected by law.

All in all, the actor simply gave up and agreed to build his toilet in another place.

George Clooney bought the estate in the UK in 2014. At that time its official price was almost ten million dollars. Now the cost has become higher and is almost sixteen million. However, it cannot be said that the house is convenient for use, even if you ignore the story with the toilet. For example, in February, the estate was flooded by the River Thames, which overflowed the banks.