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Gigi Hadid has got onto the cover of Vogue Russia
© Instagram / Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has got onto the cover of Vogue Russia

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-22 12:46:12

Gigi Hadid has informed on her Instagram page that her photo has got onto Vogue Russia Magazine (February 2020). She thanked the magazine for such an honor in the Russian language.

The model is depicted as a girl from the 1990-s. She’s wearing a swimsuit in many different colors and is having two thin braids in the front part of her head. She really looks old-fashioned on the pic! The photo is highly commented with most reviews being positive. The model’s fans call her a queen and say Gigi has unearthly beauty. Some of the readers have confessed that the photo brings back their high school years.

Several other Gigi’s photos have got onto the pages of Vogue Russia Magazine. In the second pic the model is wearing a transparent black shirt without underwear, as well as a long black skirt. Gigi is having a proud look on her face. According to her fans’ comments, this pic is the most stunning one.

In the last photo Gigi is depicted absolutely nude. She is playfully hiding her breasts with her arms while touching her lips corner with her index finger. The model is having a dreamy facial expression. She looks so hot and naive at the same time!


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