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Gigi Hadid honored Mamba's memory
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Gigi Hadid honored Mamba's memory

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-28 14:54:57

Gigi Hadid honored the memory of the famous Lakers' basketball player from California on her official Instagram page.

Gigi Hadid posted her own photo in which she is depicted when she was a little girl of about ten years old. She is at one of Kobe Bryant's games. The girl is probably filled with emotions, since her hands are put together. Who knows maybe at that moment she watched Mamba himself throwing a ball into the basket.

Gigi's followers share her sadness and say that Kobe Bryant is irreplaceable. Many of them still can't believe that he is not alive any longer. Their hearts are broken and their prayers are with Bryant family. However, one of Gigi's fans considers it unfair to mourn the death of a rapist.


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