Why does Google Doodle mark Irena Sendlerowa with a pattern? What is she doing?
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Why does Google Doodle mark Irena Sendlerowa with a pattern? What is she doing?

By: Linda Davis
2020-02-15 11:57:32

Today's Doodle marks the 110th anniversary of Polish social worker Irena Sendlerowa.

She is known for her tremendous contribution to saving Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. Being an excellent strategist, Irena Sendlerowa became a symbol of courage and justice, organizing assistance to those in need, regardless of their nationality or religion.

Irena Sendlerova was born that day in 1910 near the capital of Poland - Warsaw. Her father worked as a doctor and dealt with patients who were sick with tuberculosis. Therefore, from childhood, she saw the suffering of people who are isolated from the general society and understood the importance of helping those in need, regardless of their race, religion or financial situation.

She not only declared her ideas, but also put these principles into practice, becoming a social worker in the Warsaw City Council in 1939. As World War II developed, her position gave her unusual access to the Warsaw Ghetto, and she decided to help save as many Jews as possible.

Using ambulances, underground tunnels, and fake ID cards, she and her colleagues risked their lives saving hundreds of children and transported them to a safe place.

As you can see from the Doodle drawings, the records of the children were hidden in a jar under an apple tree, in the hope that families would reunite at the end of the war.

In 2003, Irena Sendlerowa was awarded the Order of the White Eagle, and in 2008 she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.