Full of parasites: Gordon Ramsay stunned fans with this dish
© Instagram / Gordon Ramsay

Full of parasites: Gordon Ramsay stunned fans with this dish

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-27 21:02:27

Fans couldn't forget the day Gordon Ramsay boasted a dish, but it turned out to be awful. They still blame the chef for it – but are they right?

The chef Gordon Ramsay boasted a steak cooked in his restaurant, but many of his fans were not impressed by it. The meat seemed to people not perfect, and they simply could not miss the opportunity to troll the eccentric showman.

Gordon Ramsay
© Instagram / Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is not only one of the most famous (and aggressive) chefs on television, but also the owner of a restaurant chain. The host of the «Hell's Kitchen» show has opened 35 establishments, which have a total of seven Michelin stars, according to the official website of his companies.

And in order to attract more attention, the 53-year-old celebrity posted photos and videos of dishes made at his restaurants. So, Ramsay boasted beef steak, which, according to the chef, was perfect.

We apologize to all hungry meat lovers in advance.

The post has become mega popular: netizens have watched the video more than 300 000 times. Many commentators salivated from looking at a freshly prepared steak. But most people in replays were in no hurry to admire the dish, because the meat seemed to them poorly fried.

However, some people in the replays were sure: this is what a well-cooked steak should look like. But others are wondering whether it will be safe to eat it, because in their opinion, it was full of parasites.

And what's your opinion on the dish?