Halle Berry on raising a son in isolation from gender stereotypes
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Halle Berry on raising a son in isolation from gender stereotypes

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-09 02:39:47

Halle Berry, 54, rarely talks to reporters about personal issues. The star made an exception during a recent virtual conference as part of the annual independent film festival «Sundance» (where the actress presented her directorial debut - the drama «Bruised»).

In a conversation with her colleague Robin Wright, Halle spoke about the principles she adheres to in raising her children, 12-year-old Nala and seven-year-old Maceo. For example, Berry admitted that she talks a lot with her son about the importance of gender equality in society.

Halle Berry
© Instagram / Halle Berry

I understood what my task was to bring him up. If we want to have a different future, we must start with ourselves. From the moment my son turned five, I talked to him about the differences between girls and boys. I saw directly how society taught him to put himself above girls. I had to break these attitudes and give him other perspectives. I had to challenge him, ask him to find out where it all comes from subconsciously in him, - shared her experience Holly.

The actress admitted that their conversations with her son are bearing fruit. At the same time, Berry constantly checks how well the child has learned what she said.

Since my son and I are constantly having these conversations, I can say with confidence that he will grow up to be a person who reflects on this topic. He will be adamant on this issue - it is more than just acceptance. I challenge him all the time. For example, I ask: «Why is this color considered girly?».

Recall that Halle Berry gave birth to a son, Maceo, married to Olivier Martinez, whom she divorced in 2016. The actress also has a daughter, Nala, who was born from a relationship with Gabriel Aubrey. This summer, fans began discussing the actress' new boyfriend, whose name she first kept secret. Only at the end of September did Berry declassify her lover: it turned out to be 50-year-old American singer and Grammy Award winner Van Hunt.