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Halsey had a heartwarming dinner in New York
© Instagram / Halsey

Halsey had a heartwarming dinner in New York

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-23 12:12:21

Halsey has recently shared a few photos on her Instagram page from the dinner she had with her friends in New York.

The singer went to New York on January 21, to participate in the show and to be interviewed; however, after the show she decided to organize a dinner with her New York friends. In her post, Halsey thanked them for having a heartwarming dinner with her, as well as for the Ā«kind words and heartfelt storiesĀ» they told her. The celebrity stated that she loves her friends more than words can say.

The pics are so adorable! Halsey looks very beautiful and happy with her close people. They are depicted sitting together at one table talking and laughing. These are the most precious moments in life! After dinner the singer took photos with each of her guests. Her fans on Instagram love her very much because she has a truly big heart.



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