7 reasons why Harry Styles is a real modern gentleman
© Instagram / Harry Styles

7 reasons why Harry Styles is a real modern gentleman

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-07 17:27:39

If Harry hasn't stolen your heart yet, you won't have a chance to dislike it after reading this material.

If you're sure the days of chivalry are long gone, you probably don't know anything about Harry Eward Stiles. On the 27th birthday of the former frontman of One Direction InStyle, he collected 7 inspiring facts that prove that Stiles is a real modern gentleman.

He grew his hair back to donate it to cancer patients

Harry Styles
© Instagram / Harry Styles

Cancer patients face many problems, and one of them, especially severe for young children, is hair loss. A few years ago, Harry grew long hair and then cut strands to donate to the Little Princess Trust, which provides young children who have lost their hair with «free real hair wigs to help restore their confidence and individuality.»

He became an ambassador of the movement for gender equality

Many years ago, Emma Watson became a UN Goodwill Ambassador and helped organize the HeForShe campaign, which encourages men to participate in the discussion of gender equality. Harry supports and spreads the campaign without promoting himself, as many artists do. He acknowledges that this is a women's issue, so instead of talking about himself, he shows his support and encourages men to listen to the opinions of the women involved.

He spoke in defense of animal rights

When Harry was just 21 and on tour with One Direction, he was already advocating for animal rights. The band toured the United States, and during a performance in San Diego, the singer picked up a microphone to talk to fans. «Do you like dolphins?» He asked. After the crowd responded with loud applause, he continued, «Don't go to Sea World.» This gesture was noted by many animal rights organizations.

Supported the LGBTQ + community

Harry has shown his support for the LGBTQ + community many times, despite the negative reaction from the most conservative sections of society. He always tried to create an atmosphere of inclusiveness and security at his concerts and even sold merch gay parades without making any profit - all the money raised went to support LGBTQ +. «I want people to feel comfortable being who they want to be,» he said. «Maybe at my concert they'll have a moment when they realize they're not alone.»

Interrupted the concert to help the fan

At one of Stiles' concerts, the girl in the crowd, as is often the case, became ill from stuffiness and cramps. The singer noticed that the fan had a panic attack, and interrupted the performance to help her get out of the fan zone. «All good? How do you feel? Need to call someone for help? Give her some space. We can stop and call someone, «he said, stopping the music.

Gave a music award to a friend

In 2018, the singer was awarded the Brit Awards for best music video for the song Sign of the Times. Stiles was unable to attend the award ceremony, and his friend, singer Ollie Mers, climbed behind the cherished statuette. Accepting the award, Merc joked that he would keep it to himself - he was not nominated that year, which is why the offended musician refused to lead the ceremony and perform at the announcement of the nominees. When Stiles was sent his statuette, he returned it to Mersa, writing, «You can have one of mine.» And to the engraving «Sign of the Times, Harry Styles» he added the phrase «for Olly Murs».

Fed the fish to the fan

The singer surprised a fan named Theodore by leaving a touching letter at her father's house, where he spent some time waiting for a tow truck. «My car broke down on your street, and a friend of your father kindly asked me to wait for help at home for a cup of tea,» Stiles wrote in a letter to the fan, which was later posted on social media along with a picture of a singer feeding a goldfish. «I'm sorry we didn't cross paths.» I look forward to meeting you soon. Treat people with kindness. With love, Harry. P.S. I fed the fish. «