Iggy Azalea shows her hot body almost without any clothes
© Instagram / Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea shows her hot body almost without any clothes

By: Linda Davis
2020-12-22 00:33:14

Iggy Azalea has shared a sexy photo on her Instagram page. It seems she has gained her body shape back after giving birth to a child.

Iggy Azalea is a well-known rapper who started her music career at the age of 16. Some of her most popular songs include «Pussy» and «Two Times». Her album «The New Classic» got into the top five on charts in different countries. Azalea collaborated with Ariana Grande. Azalea has never been officially married. She has dated many guys, such as rapper A$AP Rocky and Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Nick Young. Two years ago, Azalea started dating rapper Playboi Carti and has given birth to their son last summer.

In the fresh post Iggy Azalea has left on her Instagram page, the musician poses while wearing leopard shorts and a short top featuring the same print. Her waist has never been thinner! The star has recovered from the delivery pretty fast. In reality, Iggy is just advertising Fashion Nova brand. Nevertheless, she's having a lovely look that is perfectly finished with her amazingly-looking ponytail.

Iggy Azalea is fond of sharing her fun videos on YouTube. This time, it was the video is which she's tasting «weird ass candy canes». She likes very few candies but now Iggy knows what all these weird new candy cane flavors are about!