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Will Irina Shayk get married again?
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Will Irina Shayk get married again?

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-27 18:55:17

Even fortune tellers are concerned about the fate of Irina Shayk, who broke up with her husband Bradley Cooper last year. Fortunately, this year, according to experts' statements, the girl will be extremely happy!

First of all, Irina will be successful in Hollywood. As the fortune tellers stated, she would be invited to star in a famous movie with her daughter. In general, Shake clearly won't worry about money.

But the personal life will be more interesting! As we know, earlier, Shayk made a joke about her marriage, but this time, Irina will meet an Arab prince and get into a bright romance with him, but in the end she will choose another man.

It will be her true love, and she will get married again. It remains only to believe that the model will really get everything the cards say.


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